About Eton

Eton Advisors is an independently managed investment advisory firm serving affluent families across North America. Eton utilizes a goals-based framework to provide a full suite of integrated advice designed to fulfill the family's needs, priorities, and aspirations in a multi-generational context.

Eton's objective is to marry Single Family Office service with Multi-Family Office economies of scale

  • Integrated, highly customized services for a limited number of clients.
  • Highly credentialed team of professionals who understand the unique needs of family clients and the complex environment in which decisions must be considered.
  • Affords clients many of the advantages of a dedicated family office without the overhead and responsibility of managing a separate wealth management business.
  • Access to services and benefits through group purchasing power.
  • Works in tandem with and coordinates the family's other advisers.

The Business Principles of Eton Advisors were born through collaboration with the Family Office Exchange and through interviews with our clients to confirm the important factors they look for in an advisor firm.

Eton only provides unbiased advice, and we partner with high quality specialist providers to bring a full service offering to our clients. We believe that this virtual boutique approach allows our clients to access high quality providers, and reduces the conflict of interest among all involved. We also believe this encourages greater objectivity in advising. We do not sell any products.

Eton's professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, dedicated to provide unbiased advice and unparalleled service that you may trust. Our ideal client is a multi-generational family or non-profit organization with complex planning, investment, and administration needs; a client who is looking for a long-term partnership with Eton.