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Welcome To Eton Advisors

An independent Multi-Family Office boutique serving ultra high-net-worth clients with sophisticated multi-generational wealth management and family office services.

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Eton Advisors commitment

Unmatched service excellence

Eton is committed to unmatched service and the highest caliber professionals who provide expert and unbiased counsel that our clients may trust.

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A new standard of wealth management for prosperous families

Welcome to Eton Advisors

A Multi-Family Office dedicated to providing discerning, high net-worth clients with sophisticated wealth management and family office services. Our commitment is a customized approach designed to meet the needs, exceed the expectations and help achieve the dreams of every family we serve.

We aspire to become a focal point for the client's financial and operational affairs, bringing all aspects - investments, education, and retirement planning, estate planning and supporting disciplines - into congruence.

Eton's professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, and most importantly, dedicated to provide unbiased advice and unparalleled service that you may trust.

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The Eton Client Experience

In multi-family wealth consulting, client meetings are likely to focus on all functional disciplines, so having holistic and technical expertise directly on the client relationship team allows us to truly integrate wealth structuring, investment consulting, and implementation, and therefore provide a higher-quality customized solution for the client. You are a steward of wealth, and Eton serves as your trusted partner. We listen. We learn. We help guide. Together we design, implement, and monitor the blueprint to help you achieve your family's needs, priorities and aspirations.

Eton Experience

Key Investment Services

Eton Advisors' philosophy in achieving investment goals is to maximize geometric returns – the compounded return over time – net of fees and taxes, and lower portfolio risk through diversification.


Goals-Based Approach

Eton Advisors' investment philosophy is built around our Goals-Based approach to asset allocation. The chief objective in goals-based investing is to maximize the probability of achieving the clients' specific goals over multiple generations. We believe this approach is more personal, more customizable, and more relevant than the standard Mean Variance Optimization framework employed by most investment firms.


Comprehensive Financial Analysis & Wealth Structuring

Eton's goals-based approach begins with a detailed analysis of client goals, wherein goals are identified, quantified, and prioritized across time and family generations. Extensive cash flow analysis is conducted and refined in an iterative process. An in-depth review and mapping of family entities, asset location, and tax status is completed, leading to explicit wealth structuring recommendations.


Economic & Market Outlook

EtonTV provides a convenient way to access our quarterly market review and outlook. Eton's commentary is directed exclusively toward wealthy families, rather than retail or institutional investors.


Asset Super Classes

Eton is a pioneer in constructing and utilizing asset "super classes" to better facilitate goals-based investment planning and client decision-making among wealthy families. By grouping asset sub-classes into purpose-oriented super classes, Eton strives to avoid the common confusion over asset class labels and reconnect family goals with portfolio asset allocations.


Strategic Asset Allocation Framework

Eton's investment team creates for each client family a customized goal matrix by priority and time horizon, using that matrix to determine the ideal "sub-portfolio" allocation to fund each family goal. Sub-portfolios are aggregated to create overall portfolio targets by Asset Super Class, then disaggregated into optimal entities to minimize tax burden and maximize legacy goals.


Tactical Allocation

Within each Asset Super Class, Eton maintains tactical target allocations to specific asset sub-classes and strategies. These sub-class allocations are reviewed on a quarterly basis and adjusted (within strategic ranges) based on recent and forecast market performance. Key criteria for tactical adjustments include valuation metrics versus historical norms, capital flows, and potential downside risks.


Manager Selection

Eton employs an open architecture approach to investment management whereby Eton serves as the "manager of managers" for its clients' portfolios. Eton favors a passive tilt for efficient asset classes (such as large cap equity) where net outperformance over the long term is unlikely. We prefer a diversified approach for alternative investment exposures (e.g., Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate) where the likelihood and impact of outperformance is greater for wealth families able to access top-tier managers. Eton clients benefit from firm-wide aggregation in accessing certain strategies/managers and negotiating lower asset manager fees.


Investment Execution & Implementation

Eton manages the ongoing implementation of investment plans, including maintenance of target cash balances, standing or one-time remittances/distributions, charitable transfers/gifts, periodic tax-loss harvesting, and periodic portfolio re-balancing. As an independent family office, Eton maintains relationships with multiple custodians, banks, and brokerage firms.


Performance Reporting & Ongoing Monitoring

Eton's proprietary technology platform is designed exclusively for family offices. Reports are made to authorized viewers on the secure client website. Eton's portfolio reports provide "look-thru" views of family-controlled entities and aggregate indirect holdings with direct holdings for a 360-degree portfolio view. Proprietary risk, volatility, and purpose categories allow families to connect portfolio attributes to personal goals.