Jun 28, 2016 – BREXIT

On Jun 28, 2016 In Economic Outlook 

The United Kingdom's vote last week to leave the European Union—the "Brexit"—has prompted a strong selloff in global financial markets. Currencies have been exceptionally volatile, with the British Pound experiencing its largest one-day loss ever and now standing at a 30-year low versus the U.S. Dollar.

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Q4 2013

On Oct 03, 2013 In Goals-based Investing 

Integrative Wealth Management: Our View

Over the past half-century, our American health care system has evolved from a model dominated by general practitioners— physicians treating a geographically concentrated group of patients across a wide range of ailments—to one dominated by specialists, each of which treats an ever-growing number of patients with a progressively narrower set of medical conditions.

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Q3 2013

On Jul 04, 2013 In Goals-based Investing 

Sticking to Your Investment Diet

Government statistics tell us that more than one-third of Americans are obese1, a fact that is affirmed by television, radio, and magazine advertisements promoting an endless variety of diets and weight-loss plans. These range from well-reasoned and medically sound approaches to the latest fad diet or celebrity-endorsed regimen. All have in common that some author, promoter, or manufacturer benefits from their increased popularity, and that...

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