Q1 2013

On Jan 03, 2013 In Goals-based Investing 

Asset Classes, Risk, and Return: A Post-Modern Perspective

Asset classes are the building blocks used to construct an investor's strategic asset allocation. By arranging these blocks astutely, an investor can diversify portfolio risks and improve his chances of achieving personal financial goals.

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Q4 2012

On Oct 03, 2012 In Goals-based Investing 

How Confident Can You Afford to Be?

When flying on a commercial airline, how confident are you that your plane will arrive at its destination without accident or incident? Are you 90% certain? 99%? More than 99%? Our willingness to routinely board commercial airplanes suggests that our confidence level is well in excess of 99%. Our confidence is not ill-founded, fortunately, as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates only 7.6 accidents per 100 million...

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Q3 2012

On Jul 03, 2012 In Goals-based Investing 

Creating a Financial Hierarchy of Needs

Defining, quantifying, and prioritizing our financial goals are the first steps in the Goals-Based investing framework. This process is highly personal and unique to each family and even to each household and individual within that family. Nonetheless, three observations about human behavior tend to accurately describe all of us across families, generations, and personalities:

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